Developed countries and their E-waste

Did you know that developed countries export their toxic waste to underdeveloped ones? , illegally!? All high profile visits and promises about assistance on tackling carbon emissions seem to be mere eyewash, just hypocrisy!. They come with a package deal, and this is all what the developed countries seems to do.

What lies behind the scene is this (one of them) –

Export of E-Waste

Export of E-Waste - via BBC news

Developed countries have a ‘throw-away’ habit. Well, where do they throw “in the developing or underdeveloped countries”? What they lack is a few “second hand centres” or “repair shops”. May be it is not worth their richness, to repair them. It’s sad to see everything thrown away (clothing, furniture, mattresses, kitchen ware, refrigerators, cupboard, TV, microwaves….) just because a new model has arrived in market. With the amount of stuff the people throw away here, I think a beggar in third world would manage to have a royal place!

“Electronics are designed in a bad way which makes it very expensive to recycle in Europe and therefore it’s dumped in developing countries.” – What???

Of course, with the amount of waste generated in developed, it certainly must be expensive to deal with million tonnes of E-waste for landfiling or incinerating in own lands. So the best way forwards seems to be – “Why not send them to poor countries (illegally) and leave it to them to worry about”. What will those poor countries do anyway? They don’t even have enough money to handle that amount of waste or sue the developed countries for sending it to them. They can be paid a little and wipe hands clean saying ‘illegal trafficking’.”!!!!

The E-waste dumped in developing countries is traded to scrap dealers. They employ workers and children to fetch out copper, aluminium, iron and other metals in very crude methods. Unwanted materials such as plastics are burnt. This entire process releases huge amounts of dioxins and other toxic chemicals, putting the workers and the people in the vicinity to health problems.

E-waste generated worldwide 2009

E-waste generated worldwide 2009 - via BBC news

Ok, 13% E-waste recycled, but where? Developing countries!?!

How long can this “dirtying neighbours house” go on? Is it not high time that countries learn not to throw their shit somewhere else? Also, is it not the time developing countries learn not to tolerate this harassment any more?

Some more very relevant videos

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3 Responses to Developed countries and their E-waste

  1. low says:

    Очень даже не прохой и занимательный сайт

  2. Paul Winford says:

    This is an excellent post and may be one that needs to be followed up to see what are the results

    A mate sent this link the other day and I am desperately hoping for your next page. Keep on on the terrific work.

  3. Libbie Kratofil says:

    I saw your website via msn the other day and absolutely liked it so much. Carry on the good work.

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